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Disaster Planning

Do you have a contingency plan in case your server is stolen, crashes, or disaster strikes your building?


In today's globally connected world, customers, partners, and mobile users need access to your data and applications 24/7. Proactive measures are required to ensure the resiliency of your business IT infrastructure and provide near-immediate service recovery for mission-critical applications.

As a CIO, CEO, or IT Manager, it is your responsibility to secure an IT/business recovery plan as well as the proper resources to execute than plan. You should have a clear path to follow in case of a partial or complete system failure.

What you Need to Know About YOUR Business:

What are the possible failure scenarios?

What is "critical data" within your organization?

When should a full backup be performed?

How can you verify that a backup was successfully performed?


How long will you save backups?

How much time will it take to restore a backup?

Where will your backup be stored?

What is your plan if servers are physically damaged?


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