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Protection Plan

AlphaKOR is proud to introduce a smarter way to keep your system running

There is a better way!

With AlphaKOR's Protection Plan, we offer a smarter way to keep a pulse on your network and monitor the health of your infrastructure. We have the capacity to get involved in even LOW issue levels that may affect your business down the road. We will alert you of issues and offer you the best course of action to remedy the situation! AlphaKOR's Protection Plan gives you peace of mind and a stable infrastructure for LESS* than you're paying now!

At any given time, we can notify you if any element of your infrastructure is under a warning, has failed, has been misconfigured, has no data, or is disconnected. AlphaKOR will also help you make smarter business decisions by measuring long term IT performance, asset management, regulatory compliance, and business impact reporting.

*less based on down time, limited capacity, maintenance, application management, and service rates.



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