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ShopTALK MRP adapts to your Mold Shop system needs

What is ShopTALK mold management software?

It is the end of downtime, miscommunication, and time consuming data management! With ShopTALK you can cut out duplication, manual reporting and monitoring and immediately increase output on your shop floor.

ShopTALK mold management software is a fully customizable information management tool. You will know in real time the status of each job and be able to track current job costing. You will know before the job is done what your profit margins are and where time has been saved and lost.

With ShopTALK shop system, you have better control and tracking for all your processes. It can handle as much of your shop and office data management as you require. Use it as a shop floor management tool or let it revolutionize your entire workflow!

ShopTALK Modules:

  • Sales Generation & Tracking
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Customer/Vendor/Employee Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Quoting Intelligence
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Estimating Module
  • Logistics and Shipping Module
  • Tryout Scheduling and Management
  • Job Kickoff
  • Research & Development Reimbursement
  • PPAP Tracking
  • Job Meetings and Forums
  • Comprehensive Reporting



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