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IT Infrastructure Services

No one keeps your infrastructure up and running like AlphaKOR Group

AlphaKOR understands your business is unique, and often times complex. You may employ a large IT staff, a single technical manager, or outsource all tech service. Whatever your business model, AlphaKOR offers preventative maintenance, service, and protection to keep you moving forward.

Since 1995, AlphaKOR has offered premium service in the region. Our dedication to the highest level of service has brought accolades from the Windsor Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and from the people who matter most - our Clients.

With service 24/7, you can be confident in AlphaKOR's ability to maintain and service every component within your company's infrastructure.

AlphaKOR Technicians, Network Specialists, Developers, and Engineers provide a full range of on-site, bench, phone, and remote services. Your business will receive timely, accurate, efficient, and quality controlled service.

If that's not enough, AlphaKOR is the ONLY technology firm that includes travel time in all of our rates*

* Travel cost included for clients located in Windsor-Essex.


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