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IT Services from Windsor & Essex County

Manage your business, not your IT.

AlphaKOR built its foundation by providing IT services to the residents of Windsor & Essex County in 1995. We understand that proper IT support starts with you. What are your needs? What problems do you face? How can AlphaKOR augment your operations to unlock the full potential of your business? We are ready to serve you, no matter the industry.

How We Manage Your Business

microsoft 365 applications on mobile device

Microsoft 365 Migrations

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a collection of powerful office applications designed to make your workflow easy and efficient.

alphakorian providing it technical support

Technical Support

AlphaKOR’s IT specialists will work with you to ensure your IT system is performing efficiently, reliably, and securely. Our support team has the capability to provide onsite and remote services.

cloud server room

Managed Cloud Services

AlphaKOR will help you with all your cloud needs from start to finish! With AlphaKOR’s Managed Cloud Services, you’ll be able to transform your business processes and unlock the benefits of the cloud.

How We Protect Your Business

cybersecurity team working on server

Managed Cybersecurity

Managed IT security works to prevent unauthorized access to your business resources, networks, and data. It is a set of strategies developed and implemented by our experts to keep your business protected.

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Ransomware Recovery

Whether a large or small company, ransomware does not discriminate. Protect your data and your assets from ransomware attacks with proper planning, protection, and mitigation.

alphakorian working on project

Cybersecurity Planning

AlphaKOR assesses your organization from the inside out to plan for your organization’s security. We’ll review existing security risks, manage them, and prepare for potential risks by implementing the best security solutions.

How We Augment Your Business

help desk it technicians alphakor

24/7 Service Desk

AlphaKOR’s 24/7 Service Desk is the single point of contact between your end-users and IT support! Our Service Desk manages user communication, service requests, and incidents.

vcio giving business consultation

Business Consulting

Consulting goes far beyond just creating a proposal. AlphaKOR IT consulting supports your business’s goals, hindrances, and decisions. Do you know if your business is headed in the right direction?

alphakor it consulting services

Project Services

AlphaKOR’s experienced project management team helps your business deliver projects on time and on budget. We’ll help you align your IT projects with your business goals and objectives.

Photo of all AlphaKORians

Meet the Alphakorians

AlphaKOR has put together a team of professionals in the fields of Information Technology, Network Engineering, Software Development, Design, Digital Marketing, and Client Services. What sets the AlphaKORians apart is how they go above and beyond their professional duties to ensure every client’s needs are met. The AlphaKORians are the pride and joy of AlphaKOR.


Happy Clients


Successful Projects


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Digital Campaigns


Apps Built

Our Accomplishments

AlphaKOR is proud to have worked with businesses from a wide variety of industries. Below are high-level snapshots of just a few of our past and present successes.


  • Project Highlight: Deployed and integrated AlphaKOR helpdesk & ticketing system as a single point of contact for 700+ users.
  • Services Provided: Network & infrastructure support, 24/7 service desk, onsite & remote service, project planning, network security, software/application support, and strategic meetings.
  • Project Statistics: 700+ End-Users & 20+ Sites
  • Region: North America

Healthcare Industry

  • Project Highlight: Deployed a full IT services solution that included all tiers of support, monitoring, and management. Responsibilities included working directly with all members of the team from upper management to end-users.
  • Services Provided: Network infrastructure, cloud solutions, information system support, installation of software & equipment, and remote work setup.
  • Project Statistics: 150+ End-Users & 5 Sites
  • Region: Windsor-Essex
workers sitting around a desk

Technology Industry

  • Project Highlight: Work alongside a major technology firm to create a comprehensive IT managed services solution for numerous federal government customers across Canada.
  • Services Provided: 24/7 service desk, system design & architecture, network security design, lifecycle management, and IT support.
  • Project Statistics: 500+ End-Users & 50+ Sites
  • Region: Canada
nonprofit workers with children

Non-Profit Industry

  • Project Highlight: Provide a fully managed IT services package that includes planning, support, augmentation, and implementation of all technological requirements for operations.
  • Services Provided: Network infrastructure, server hardware, backup equipment, 24/7 service desk, website design, multi-language translation, and business consulting.
  • Project Statistics: 90+ End-Users & 1 Site
  • Region: Windsor-Essex
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