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Excellent Daily Habits

  What Are Your Daily Habits? Here are my top 5 daily habits to help me lead, learn and continue to grow.  What separates you as a successful leader or as a successful professional from the rest? Follow-up By now the Building Circles audience knows my golden rule about the 3 keys to following up:…
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Did You Get That?

  Understanding What Was Communicated We hear the news and share the headlines with our peers.  What amazes me is how the stories are different even when we listen to the exact same report.  Check it out next time and ask someone if they heard the news and what their understanding was. It is easier…
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Top 3 Ways To Empower Your Team

  Leaders Empower Their Team There are many ways leaders can empower their team.  Leaders who coach and nurture their team and provide different levels of autonomy are successful in achieving this.  All teams require a leader to manage the team's direction based on established goals.  The team requires coaching along the way to develop the…
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Why Are You So “Busy”?

  "Busy" Is Banned Ever wonder why you are so "busy"?  For the Building Circles followers, you may know "busy" is banned from the AlphaKORian' dictionary.  That is why it is highlighted.  It really stands out when I hear this word during the day.  Hold on while I drop a couple of loonies in the…
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