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Letting Others Take The Lead

  As a leader, it is natural to move discussions forward and bring energy to the room.  The challenge is to let someone else take the lead. I have enjoyed observing our team and letting them take the lead.  Simply observing and not partaking in the discussion can be easy at times and yet very…
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We Always Do It This Way

  Why do certain Teams move forward  while other Teams stay stagnant?  I just cringe when I hear "No, that won't work because we always do it this way" as the answer when someone suggests doing something different. Why are so many resistant to change?  Why do so many want to keep doing the same thing…
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5 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Balance

  Does work get in the way of your life or has work become your way of life?  How are you balancing all the work-related tasks you need to complete each and every day, while maintaining a good personal life? Once upon a time we had three parts of our day which were split equally:…
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