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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  Do Something Different Every morning it is the same routine giving comfort in knowing the day is organized and planned.  It's hit the gym, make the new priority task list and embrace the day. When I was asked to participate in a fashion show, my first reaction was absolutely not and said "are you…
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Being Persuasive When Planning Business Projects

  Know Your Audience Do your homework to know who the stakeholders are.  What are their personalities like? How do they make decisions?  What are they responsible for and how does this project affect them? Use their language and build an emotional bond with each stakeholder by bringing your genuineness and passion.  Ensure they understand…
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Are You Keeping Up?

  Business Keeps Moving Faster Remember when you used to actually go to the office to take care of business from Monday through Friday?   The speed of business is moving fast and it will keep moving faster!   How are you keeping up as the leader? What worked in the past may work in…
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Lead Everywhere

  Bring Your Passion Do you get caught up in people who just do not get it?   Do not let them stop you.  Do not let them slow you down.  Bring your passion.  Take the high road!   Always take the high road. Lead In the Right Direction Keep focused and move forward in the right…
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