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Local Leaders: The Future Looks Bright

  Honoured to be one of the Speakers The future looks bright with this group of local leaders!  It was an honour to be part of their speaker line-up for this inaugural event.  Hats off to the organizers and volunteers!  Here is their story they are sharing with us this week. Why Local Leaders A…
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Understanding Expectations

  What is their Expectation? Do you ever have a conversation where someone asks you to do something, you appear to understand, you perform the task and feedback is not at all what the other person was expecting?  For those of you who immediately answered "never", share your secrets with the rest of us! Pay…
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Leaders Appreciate Their Team

  Always Appreciate Your Team There are many ways you can appreciate your team and I would like to share three of them with you.  As a leader, how are you appreciating your team? Say Thank You More Often This may seem obvious and yet many employees have shared with their employers and others they…
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Building Strong Relationships

  How are you building strong relationships? Communication is always an important key to successful relationships. How often do you communicate to ensure it is often enough and not too often? Understanding each relationship and treating everyone as individuals instead of grouping them helps balance the right amount of communication.  All of us have a…
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