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Don’t Overlook Soft Skills: Advice From A Technical Specialist

As technology continues to advance and becomes more integrated into our daily lives, Technical Specialists play a crucial role in ensuring that systems and applications run smoothly. At AlphaKOR, our Technical Specialists are responsible for designing, implementing,...

Career Insight from an Accounts Payable

How does your organization secure revenue for the goods and services you provide? At AlphaKOR, our Accounts Payable plays an important role in sustaining operations. In this candid interview with Faten Charafeddine, AlphaKOR’s Accounts Payable, we gain career insight...

Navigating The World Of Technology: Insight From A Technical Specialist

How does your business navigate the world of technology? Technology is the backbone of your business and should be working to streamline your processes and make your operations more effective. At AlphaKOR, our Technical Specialists work with a variety of businesses to...

Enjoying The Holidays

As the year winds down, it’s time to thank everyone for being a part of my journey with a year of overcoming new challenges, helping others, and continued growth personally and professionally.       IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER Every year just keeps on getting...
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