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The AlphaKORians’ celebrated 25 years on February 25th, 2020!  It was a day to celebrate while balancing taking care of clients.  There are always scheduled tasks, requests, service tickets and projects on the go.  As expected, there were several timely sensitive challenges to address and help our clients resolve.  Overall, it was a good day with the majority of the team making some time to participate in the activities.

Balloons And Balloons

The morning started with decorating the office with many balloons.  Since it was Paczki Day, a few dozen were brought in for everyone to enjoy.  We ran a ping pong tournament in the morning which created a lot of noise and disrupting some of employees working near the table.  This allowed some to get out of their comfort zone and cheer on their co-workers.

From The Archives

We played a video from the archives of many pictures, marketing stories, ads and vintage letterhead.   The AlphaKORians’ certainly enjoy cake, cupcakes, barbecues and sports!  I always enjoy reminiscing about the past and have to catch myself not to linger there too long.   Keep moving forward and  create more memories to celebrate in the future.

Team Discussion

In the afternoon we gathered around in the Unplugged Lounge.  Yours truly shared some history, milestones and accolades.  There were greetings from several team members who could not be at the event which shows just how much our team cares about each other.

New company shirts and pens were handed out to everyone with the  special edition champagne coloured logo and the “25A” milestone.  We dressed like it was 1995 and gave out prizes for best dressed.  We named a star “The AlphaKORian” as a gift to the team and to say thanks for their dedication, commitment, personalities and skill sets.


I have been asked over the years why we celebrate milestones.   This started with our 10th anniversary, our rebranding when we went from AlphaKOR Computers to AlphaKOR Group and was duly noted in the early days of social media when we announced our 14th anniversary.   My response has always been make some time to reflect on the past, embrace the moment, appreciate it and celebrate many more milestones.

AlphaKOR is just getting started with the first 25 years and I will be celebrating 32 years in this industry in April and know we have a lot more to do.   Thanks to everyone for being a part of our journey and appreciate all of you.





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