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Every member on your team is a brand ambassador, whether they are aware of this and whether they believe it.   Just like everyone is in “sales’ all the time.   You represent your brand while at work and on your personal time.

I can hear the nay-sayers already saying “…but it’s on my own time so I don’t represent the brand!”.   Think about any story that breaks whether negative or positive regarding anyone about their personal side of life.   Does their work title and company come up?  The title and company where they work is either first or right after the person’ name.  Share any where these do not appear in the story.

Social media has helped make it easier for all of us to be strong brand ambassadors.  Company and personal posts can do a lot to help your brand, although sometimes it can be challenging to your brand.   Use these channels to reach your audience and your new audience by getting your message out from everyone in your company.   Train your team how they can help tell your company’ story.  You can share tips, to do’s and not to do’s, talk about your core competencies, your community events, what your company supports and the list goes on.

I enjoy being a brand ambassador and sharing the AlphaKORians’ amazing stories of what they do.   It is a fun and exciting role to share our message and all the great things are team does.   We like to help our clients grow, participate in community events and support many organizations and  causes to help make a difference.  This is all part of our brand.

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