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The AlphaKORians Keep Rockin’ It

As I reflect on 2021, which feels like another long year, my thoughts continually drift back to The AlphaKORians.  What can I say about this great Team?  They continued throughout the year to wow everyone.  As always, there were there and ready to take care of whatever was required to keep everyone working safely and securely.  The biggest challenge was keeping up with all the changing rules and having half the Team work from home.

We had virtual team meetings, phone calls and e-mails, however, just not the same as the in-person communications.   That is what I miss the most during this challenging time.  We were able to have a couple of company events practicing social distance and adding virtual “camaraderie” during these events.  As we head into our 27th year, I am truly proud of what we have accomplished and appreciate our Team for all they do.  Thank you!

The Last Two Years

We could write books and make movies on what has transpired these last couple of years.  The first three months of the pandemic, organizations were adjusting and adapting to what many called “the new normal” of working remotely and it continued throughout 2021.

AlphaKOR has played a lead role in all of this:

  • Helping organizations run virtual meetings
  • Setting up remote teams to help them work securely from home
  • Helping organizations access, store and backup company data securely
  • Running interactive webinars for those who need expert advice on any subject, to discuss challenges and create a supportive environment
  • Being there for businesses as their trusted IT Advisor
  • Created a virtual networking group called Wednesday Wisdom to help keep the business community connected and create opportunities (we had in-person events from August to December!)

During this time there were the debates about best virtual meeting platforms such as Teams, Zoom, and Webex to name a few.   Speakers, cameras, microphones and laptops were impossible to source as the industry was faced with a huge surge in demand for these items.   When we live in a “just in time” world, this was near too impossible to meet the demand and continues to be a struggle today to source products.  (I will not mention pricing has gone up!).

We are so grateful for the demand for our services we experienced during this time.  Service tickets are being created at a fast pace as the demand for our services continues for clients and new clients.  As many organizations need help embracing technology, we are happy our team is here to provide support and assistance.

Focus On Business

After adjusting to the “new normal”, we experienced an increased demand from clients looking for support.  Due to shutdowns, many of their vendors could no longer support them.  AlphaKOR was thankful for the opportunity to step in and help, working nights and weekends to ensure our clients’ organizations were running safely and securely.

If we learned anything from this, it taught us businesses could remain opened and needed to change how they were doing business to cater to this challenging time.  Virtual meetings, online ordering, online appointments, contactless pick-ups and contactless deliveries were all required to keep their doors open.  Technology, equipment and digital marketing strategies were put into place and implemented.   It was not a simple, straightforward task and required a lot of attention and support to make it work.   Overall, we are proud of our role to make a difference.

We do our best to support local businesses and give back to the community.  We are humbled and grateful to have everyone working on our team and want all businesses to help and support each other.

The Future

What will 2022 bring?  Many new start-ups will bring new products and services to the market.  The hybrid workforce (office and remote workers) will continue with flex hours.  Technology and Cyber Security strategies are critical to support and align with organizations’ goals.  Embracing and successfully servicing clients virtually will be mainstream for each and every business again this year.  Take-out and delivery services will continue to grow to meet the needs of customers for local small businesses.

Last year reminds us again of an important message:  everyone needs help and support, not only in business but personally and for our mental health.   Remember to reach out to each other, ask how they are doing and if they need help.  This is not the time to hold back.  This is the time for all of us to be open, nurturing and vulnerable.

As we gear up for what this new year will bring, we are reaching out to as many as we can to show them we care.   The AlphaKORians’ truly do care.   We look forward to moving forward together in 2022.   Cheers to your health, safety and we wish you all the best this year!

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