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Leaders are managing and focused on running their businesses.  If you are spending time managing your technology, take a look at your business strategy and add a managed service technology partner.

Focus On Your Strengths

What are your strengths as a good leader?   This is what you need to focus on.   The rest can be delegated and outsourced.   Great leaders surround themselves with experts in their respective fields.  Your IT technology is one of those areas where outsourcing makes sense.

When working with your IT Partner, share your vision and your business strategy.   Technology needs to be aligned with your business priorities, goals and needs to be part of this discussion.  IT is an investment to support your business growth and direction.

Why Managed Services?

Whether you have internal IT resources, a head office or want to take care of your own technology, looking at managed services makes sense.  It can be a hybrid plan keeping your current IT resources in place while bringing in the experts to focus on specific areas to help.

What areas can you and your team require assistance to keep you ahead of the competition?   If you have an internal IT person or team, are they over-burdened, can they use a second opinion and can collaboration with a team of experts help your business achieve the business goals?

Enhanced Security and Compliance

With all the news about organizations being attacked in the cyber space, what is your cyber security strategy?  This is an area where your IT partner can work closely with you to minimize cyber attacks.   Every day we see ransomware and phishing scams at every level:   very small, small, medium, large, enterprise and high-profile organizations.  Everyone and every organization is a potential target.

What compliance does your industry mandate and what is required to fulfill this?   Your stakeholders hold your leadership accountable for protecting your business and adhering to all the rules of compliance.   Lean on the experts to build and implement an ongoing cyber security and compliance strategy.

Increased Efficiency and Reliability

What are the latest tools and upcoming ones to help you run a more efficient business?   Having proactive conversations on a regular basis on where you want to go will help your tech team recommend the right tools to get there.

Your business needs to run and most run 24×7 today.   Staying operational at all times is a tough challenge.   What is your contingency plan and what is your disaster recovery plan in case of a cyber attack or in case of natural disaster?   Business continuity strategy is a discussion with your IT partner to align technology to keep your operations running at all times.

The AlphaKORian’ Way

The AlphaKORians’ have taken pride being the IT partner for so many organizations of all sizes locally, in the region and globally.   Leading this team, together with my Partners and Managers for over 25 years has been a thrilling journey.   Today, more than ever during this challenging time, our Team has been there to help many build their remote workforce strategy, implement and support solutions for them to work safely and securely from home.

Our best practices as the leading managed service provider has built “The AlphaKORian’ Way” for leaders to rely on as part of their business plan for success.

Proactive Discussions and Reports

Our philosophy is to provide you with the best experts to work closely with your vision and align technology with your business goals.  We have proactive discussions on a regular basis with your senior management team.   We are part of your planning for future growth, your expansions, renovation projects, adding new product lines, moving into new markets and building a larger customer base.  Regardless of what industry you are in, technology investments play a big part and these proactive conversations are a result of our collaborative relationships with our clients.

Managing your infrastructure results in metrics and statistics to measure if your goals are on track or need some tweaking to achieve them.  Reports are part of our proactive discussions to help plan and make future decisions about your company.   We enjoy being at the table helping our clients succeed while they focus on managing their business.

After all, leaders have a business to run.

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