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Work Smart & Quietly

Ever notice people always talking about achieving something?  They usually do not seem to be successful.  An example is talking about a diet and how much weight one is going to lose. My thought is the only way to lose the weight is to stop talking about it and follow whatever plan you decide will result in success.

Work hard. Work smart. Work diligently. Work quietly.

Test the above four-point strategy for yourself and measure your results. Look forward to hearing your stories of success!

Positive Mind

Are you always more positive or more negative? I’ll throw this in for the ones who enjoy the glass half-full/half-empty argument. Set your mind to be positive. Yes, it is difficult at times. Use your mind to achieve what you want. One of the key ways is having a positive mindset.

Be the optimist in the room. Find the answers to the tough questions and challenges. I have shared this before; we just have to leave the nay-sayers behind to keep moving in the right direction.  Catch yourself thinking negative and jumping on negative threads.  Go out and change your thoughts to positive.

Be silent instead of being negative.

Clear Purpose

Where are you heading and why are you going there? I laugh when people say “It’s a rat race!” Why are we in such a hurry and where are we trying to get to?  Sit down and really think about your purpose, your team’s purpose, your company’s purpose or whatever you are presently involved in and determine a clear direction of where to go, how to get there and why you are going there.

Once you have defined a clear purpose, you can measure if you are on track, off track and you can make adjustments along the way. It is okay to change the purpose as long as it is clearly defined.

Focus on Goals

How can you achieve something if you do not set goals? Goal setting is easy and should be part of your daily routine, however, it can be difficult. Write down your goals (even electronically, save them in a list so you can reference them).  Read your goals. Establish how far along you are to achieving each goal. Define what is required to accomplish each goal.

Celebrate the milestones along the way!

I have done this and was surprised at the power of writing down goals.  It is incredible what a difference it will make if you read them, think about them and review them on a regular basis.  See the results for yourself if you have not written down your goals and it is never too late to start.

Take Action

Everyone has the same amount of time. This is worth repeating: Everyone has the same amount of time. How do some accomplish a lot while some get some stuff done and others never seem to get anything finished?

Take action is the answer and yes the slogan “Just Do It” is that simple. Stop talking about it. Stop procrastinating. Stop making excuses. Start doing….It is amazing once you do!

Sounds too easy? Work smart and quietly, have a positive mind, define a clear purpose, focus on your goals and put it all into action.

What’s stopping you from achieving whatever you want?

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