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As an intern, you may think of many things when you start at a new location. Will you fit in? Will you get the respect you deserve? Can you do this? I’m here to tell you, yes you will.

As an intern working for AlphaKOR I have been able to experience so many more things than I could just sitting in a classroom. As my final days here at the company countdown I have felt the need to sit here and reflect on what an amazing experience this has been. I have been able to experience a new sort of environment that I had never experienced before while in high school.

So the mindset of an intern when first entering a company, especially if it’s their first company they’ve worked for, can be quite scary. You never know what you’ll experience or what the environment will be. I had many concerns and a scared mindset entering into AlphaKOR as well, but quickly you will learn that there is nothing to fear. As long as you go into your job every day with a positive mindset and a will to work hard and get things done there will be no issue.

I am not a very extroverted person, but interning I feel has helped me get out of my shell a bit. It has forced me to meet new people for different jobs and for social interactions. I have never been very good at meeting new people, but the people here did such an amazing job at making me feel like family that I had almost no issue at all.

AlphaKOR is a very social and open company that allows you to talk to people at the same time as completing work giving you the feeling like you are never alone. So many computer companies have large cubicles blocking out essentially everyone, but in AlphaKOR you just have short glass dividers allowing you to socialize while working on your computer.

When I first arrived here, I had many challenges I had to overcome. I had my social problem along with being in a completely new environment. I also had the challenge of needing to complete work to a very high standard. AlphaKOR never lets anything that’s “just-OK” go through. I needed to be able to work at the high level required so that things I did were acceptable and not just a waste of time. This is one thing that I feel I did quite well and adapted to fairly quickly.

Personally my current experiences at AlphaKOR are amazing. My hope for the future is to go to university and get a degree in computer science. At AlphaKOR I didn’t work in the computer programming department; I worked in the marketing department. I feel even though this isn’t what I’d like to go into, it allowed me to see a larger picture of the company as a whole. Once you join a company if you are just doing programming that’s more than likely all you’ll see, but this way I was able to experience all the other factors that happen within a company.

AlphaKOR has taught me many things and one of them is to never count yourself short. Coming in I felt that since I was only an intern I didn’t necessarily have the knowledge to complete tasks to the same level as others in the company who have degrees, but I quickly learned that through determination and hard work I can complete any task given to me no matter how big or how small.

Overall I feel that my time spent at AlphaKOR was a great success. I had never known what it was like to be at a company and have to complete tasks, or what it was like to be in a real work environment. I feel the experiences I gained and people I have met will carry on with me for many years to come and will help me in getting a job with this sort of environment in the future. Finally I’d like to say thank you to AlphaKOR for giving me an experience I will never forget!

Jacob Osbourne, Guest Blogger

Student at Villanova High School

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