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For every business in every industry, a good marketing strategy plays a crucial role in a business’s success. For this month’s employee interview, I sit down with Bianca to capture a behind-the-scenes look at the role of a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Bianca has been a core member of our Digital Marketing Team at AlphaKOR for about a year and a half. At AlphaKOR, Bianca manages various clients and projects to help businesses across various industries communicate and market to their audience through several digital mediums. In this interview, Bianca discusses what the average day is like as a Digital Marketing Specialist at AlphaKOR, as well as provides insight for students and recent graduates who are looking to start their career as a Digital Marketer.

What drew you to this position?

After I graduated from university, I entered the workforce in the Marketing and Communications field. I worked in the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Non-Profit sector for a couple of years. Through this experience, I found that I enjoyed working with local businesses to improve their marketing efforts. My goal was to accomplish this on a larger scale, and that is when I found the Digital Marketing Specialist career opportunity at AlphaKOR. I was especially drawn to this position as my professional goals and personal values aligned with the position’s objectives and AlphaKOR’s corporate culture.

What does the average day look like for you as a Digital Marketing Specialist?

For me, the average day as a Digital Marketing Specialist is never the same – which is something that I really enjoy about my position. Each day, I am working on a different task or project which requires a different skill set. Some days I am designing a website, other days I am creating a social media plan or executing an SEO strategy. No matter what I am working on, I am in constant communication with both my team and clients.

What motivates you to succeed as a Digital Marketing Specialist?

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I am motivated by my team, the clients I work with, and the opportunity to apply my skill set to help businesses improve their marketing efforts.

What skillset is critical to your job?

To be successful in this role, a mix of technical and interpersonal skills is required. For example, some of the most important skills I use daily include:

  • Verbal, written, and oral communication
  • Graphic and visual design
  • The ability to read, analyze, and create reports from marketing data
  • Adaptability to various platforms and applications such as website builders, social media platforms, and advertising tools
  • Research skills
  • Time management
  • Organization – especially when you are working with multiple clients!

And more! What is great about this role is that you are drawing upon various skills at a time and are also learning new skills each day to add to your skillset.

What key qualities do you think someone in your role possesses?

Some key qualities that I think someone in the Digital Marketing Specialist role possesses are:

  • The desire to improve the materials you create, the strategies you implement, and your approach to various tasks
  • The initiative to stay up to date with new platforms, applications, and methods relevant to the role
  • Interpersonal skills to collaborate with different clients, and members of your team
  • Intrapersonal ability to cope with various challenges and learn how to improve

What is the most exciting part about being a Digital Marketing Specialist at AlphaKOR?

The most exciting part about being a Digital Marketing Specialist at AlphaKOR for me is working on a project where I can exercise my creativity! My favourite projects to work on are new websites as this type of project involves a combination of graphic design, content development (written and visual), user experience, and user interface tasks. The tools and techniques involved in website creation are also constantly evolving, which allows me to learn new skills each time I build a website.

What is the least exciting part about being a Digital Marketing Specialist at AlphaKOR?

This is a hard question! I guess I would say that the least exciting part about my role would be documentation. Although this is not an “exciting” task that I complete daily, it is very important to my role! Working for a managed service provider and managing multiple clients at a time, it’s important to document what work has been done so that I can go back (if needed) to reference what was done and how something was done. Documenting client work is also useful for determining what can be improved upon, what work is outstanding, and more.

What have you learned at AlphaKOR that has helped you grow on a personal level?

On a personal level, working at AlphaKOR has taught me many things including the importance of:

  • Finding a work environment that encourages growth
  • Aligning my values with the values of the company I am working for
  • Working as a team to accomplish a goal
  • Open and efficient communication

What advice would you give to a student or recent graduate who would like to obtain a career in Digital Marketing?

Never stop learning! The digital marketing field is rapidly developing with new tools, technologies, and updates happening all the time. Whether you are a student, recent graduate, or working as a Digital Marketer, it is critical to be constantly learning. I learn at least one new thing each day which helps me improve the way I approach new projects and tasks. When you learn something new each day, it helps you grow as a professional by adding new skills to your skillset.

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