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How does your business navigate the world of technology? Technology is the backbone of your business and should be working to streamline your processes and make your operations more effective. At AlphaKOR, our Technical Specialists work with a variety of businesses to navigate the world of technology with the goal of improving their IT infrastructure… and more!

IT professionals work with various software and hardware to secure and maintain the integrity of businesses so that businesses can focus on daily operations. As with any technology, your IT infrastructure must be maintained or problems can arise that could negatively impact how your business operates.

In this month’s employee feature, I sit down with Samraj Aujla. Samraj is a Technical Specialist at AlphaKOR and has been with us for over four months! In this candid interview, we gain insight into what the average day of a Technical Specialist looks like, Samraj’s personal experiences on the job, and advice for those looking to obtain a career as a Technical Specialist. Meet Samraj…


Did you work in the IT industry prior to working at AlphaKOR?

Yes, I worked at a co-op for cyber security as part of my school curriculum. In the past, I also worked in a Help Desk role. Additionally, while enrolled at St. Clair College I was a Technical Assistant in the school computer lab.

What drew you to the Technical Specialist position?

I was drawn to the Technical Specialist position at AlphaKOR because of the wide range of learning opportunities in an exciting and fast-paced work environment.

What educational background or professional did you need to secure this role?

I went to St. Clair College for a 2-year networking course and went to Georgian College for 1 year to complete a post-graduate cyber security course.

What does the average day look like for you in your role?

For me, the average day of being a Technical Specialist looks like communicating with clients through phone and email, as well as via scheduled remote sessions. Following my client interactions, I document my work and the results of these interactions.

On the technical side of operations, I troubleshoot different technical issues related to hardware, software, and networking, as well as gather as much information as possible for more involved tickets that will need to involve other colleagues.

What is it like working for a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

At first, it was a challenge to work with multiple clients, but over time this is something that I enjoyed quite a bit! I like working for a Managed Service Provider because I have gained experience and grown professionally on an exponential level as I have worked with various setups and ways to operate.

How do you manage your time working for multiple clients?

To manage my time working for multiple clients, I try to schedule my tasks alongside a client’s schedule so we can work at a time that is convenient for both of us. I often use a feature in AlphaKOR’s documentation system that automatically sends an email to the user and asks them to select an appointment time. This system shows the user my schedule as well when they are selecting their time, so this helps to schedule remote sessions at a time that works best for both parties.

What skillset is critical to your job?

Patience, and knowing how to ask the right questions in order to assess many different situations are two skills that are critical to my role as a Technical Specialist.

What key qualities do you think a strong Technical Specialist possesses?

I think a strong Technical Specialist possesses:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical skills

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

I enjoy the weekly meetings we have when we get to view and compare our call statistics of the week. I also enjoy scheduled training sessions with Senior Technicians where we get to learn new things and further my understanding of the technology that we use daily.

What is your least favourite aspect of your job?

My least favourite aspect of my role is remotely troubleshooting devices such as mobile devices or smart devices. They become tricky since I can’t actually see the device for myself or connect to it remotely.

How do you hope to grow in your field of work?

I hope to grow in my field of work by gaining more certifications, constantly asking questions, and studying on my own in whatever I’m interested in through various online resources.

What have you learned at AlphaKOR that has helped you grow on a personal level?

I have learned how big the world of technology is and how many different things there are to learn. Also, I have learned how these technologies are used on a daily basis.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Infinite stamina, so I can do all of the things I want for as long as I want and never get tired.

Do you have a favourite quote or motto that inspires you every day? 

I often inspire myself by recording my own rap songs and listening to them during a morning walk.

For someone who would like to obtain a position as a Technical Specialist, what advice would you give to them?

Eagerness to learn and personality is the most important part, as well as establishing good daily habits and routines.

Careers in Business Technology

Are you an energetic and passionate IT professional who thrives on providing excellent service to both clients and fellow staff? If so, we want AlphaKOR to be the place you want to work. We want you to love your job. Because when you love your job, you’ll do great things. Come and do great things with us! To view our current openings, please visit our Career Opportunities page.

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