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How often do you get the opportunity to share your story?   Thanks to Katie Renaud, Workforce Windsor Essex, for asking AlphaKOR to tell our story about working in the Tech Sector.  It was such a pleasant experience and she sent over details of what to expect on interview and video day.

Katie arranged a preliminary walk-thru in advance to determine where and what was going to be filmed.  Katie had good ideas which made it a fun and an enjoyable experience.   Being prepared and adding some impulsive ideas during the shoot was a good balance for the final cut.

We were filmed and interviewed by Sasha Jordan Appler, ApplerFilm.   Sasha was energetic and very positive.   He asked a lot of questions, follow-up questions to dive deeper into our answers.   It left us with a good feeling as he was personable and genuinely interested in what we had to say.   Sasha was intrigued with our history of being in the Tech Sector before the Internet and cell phones – I know, tough to imagine such a world!

Thanks to Atif, our Director of Client Services.   Atif embraced the interview and enjoyed the scenes we did together.   This is not always an easy task and Atif was right there adjusting with me as Sasha directed us.   Not sure if this is something we could do every day but it sure made it an enjoyable experience.

In the words of Katie with working with AlphaKOR:  “AlphaKor was one of the first companies we thought of when we decided to do the videos.  The energy of the AlphaKORians made filming with them both inspiring and fun!  They shared their diverse experiences so candidly too, which really got me thinking about the many different ways we can approach tech in Windsor-Essex.”

Sasha mentioned “It was really great working with you and enjoyed the conversation with you guys”.  We had additional dialogue as he was interested to know more about our history and where we came from including pre-AlphaKOR.  Sasha indicated his goal was to give the audience an understanding of how far we’ve come in the tech industry.  Diving deeper with questions about the past, was so much fun!

Here are Sasha’ favourite parts of producing the video:  Frank growing up on a farm, was so interesting to me.  I appreciate his work ethic and his understanding that things are not just given to you, you have to work for them.   Atif is a powerhouse!  Talented, knowledgeable and approachable.  It was great to interview someone packed with so much information and ideas.

Atif shared his favourite quotes from the video were “Our notebook was a pad and paper back in the 80’s” quoted by me and Atif’ quote “Above all else, have a very strong sense of curiosity”.

I am grateful for so many who have helped us along our journey.   It is an exciting field to be in and my career has spanned 29 years and it just keeps on getting better every day.

Thanks Katie, Sasha, Atif, Workforce, ApplerFilm, the AlphaKORians, all our clients and supporters.   It is such an honour to be featured first in the Spotlight on Tech Series and we are honoured to be a part of this.

Here is a link to the video:  http://goo.gl/iWMfpA

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