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The 10x Better Experience for IT series focuses on enhanced data capabilities that empower IT, administrators, to manage more effectively

Regardless of where work happens, we strive to bring simplicity to your workday. This month is packed full of new integrations and exciting feature additions to existing integrations focused on collaboration devices and messaging.


Device Integrations:

Devices play an important part in safely getting back into the office. They enable us to connect, learn and be aware of how the office is being utilized. As people start returning back to the office, these integrations with Webex Devices are going to be tremendously helpful and useful.

Synergy SKY- Are there multi-vendor devices or meeting platforms in your organization? Would you like your Cisco devices to easily join multiple meeting platforms instead of downloading multiple software clients? Perhaps you have multi-vendor devices and want an easy button to connect to Webex or Cisco CMS. Synergy SKY offers software solutions that integrate cloud and premise deployed Cisco Webex Room Devices and your existing calendaring system to simplify the scheduling, joining, managing, automating and analyzing your meetings in a multi-vendor environment.

  • Bring more value to your Cisco Devices by enabling a One Button To Push (OBTP) experience for any meeting platform, removing the need to download multiple software clients for each platform
  • Enable multi-vendor devices with an OBTP simple user join experience for Webex or Cisco Meeting Server
  • Expand the Cisco CVI use cases and even use Synergy SKY to easily transition from other CVI solutions without disrupting or retraining users
  • Provide a more scalable, robust and feature-rich alternative to Cisco TMS XE for Microsoft Exchange/O365 and Google G-suite calendaring integration
  • Deploy Synergy SKY to make the “Back to Office” or “Work From Home” workflow simpler

Learn more on how to tie your video conferencing, calendars and meeting rooms into one unified experience. For more information on the Webex and Synergy SKY partnership, check out this blog.

MazeMap– The quickest way to get from point A to point B is……  MazeMap plus Webex! MazeMap is a digital wayfinding tool that helps users navigate around large building complexes. Add MazeMap to Webex and simplify the navigation process. For instance, if a company is working on a strategy for a safe return to the office, hey can integrate Webex and MazeMap to avoid having crowds in the lobby or hallways searching for their destination. With this integration, employees will be able to navigate from the entrance of the building, right up to where they need to go with just their Webex app. For more information on the Webex and MazeMap partnership, check out this blog.


Messaging Integrations:

Outlook alert –If you are like me, then checking your email is probably one of your most recurring actions throughout the day. You are constantly going back and forth checking to see if an important email from your boss popped up or if a meeting has been added to your calendar. Start using the Outlook alert bot to stay on top of your notifications and to eliminate having to switch from Webex to Outlook. With this bot you can accept/decline/tentative meeting invites and get alerted when you receive an important email. This will save you from having to switch between applications and remember what you were working on last.

PagerDuty- Get alerted instantly and respond quickly with the PagerDuty bot for Webex. When an issue arises, PagerDuty will send you a notification via Webex and then automatically create an incident War Room in Webex, adding the necessary members to resolve the issue. Watch the demo to see how Webex and PagerDuty bot work seamlessly together:

Confluence Cloud bot- Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. Adding the new Confluence Cloud bot will help teams stay up to date with changes to pages and documents in any Webex space.  You can set up notifications to get alerted if comments or edits are made to a page or blog.

Here’s what you can do with the Bot:

  • Comment on a page or blog post
  • Watch a page
  • Find recent pages, watched page, created by me or saved for later pages

Our integrations are here to make your life easier. Regardless of which tools you use, we want the work you do to reach its full potential. We live and breathe our mission – stay tuned as we continue to bring new integrations to life!


This blog was originally written by Alyson J. Pace for Cisco Blogs.

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