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The world of work has changed; since the pandemic shook the world in 2020, many organizations shifted to remote and hybrid work. While this ushered in new benefits, the technological shift also raised security concerns for businesses. In this post, we’re sharing five tips for facilitating productivity in the workplace and keeping your business secure.

Tip #1: Make sure video conferences are secure

When you can’t be in the same room, a great face-to-face meeting experience is the next best thing. With video conferencing, you can communicate easily, but it needs to be:

  • Secure with built-in encryption to protect the privacy of both users and data
  • Easy to use with one-click sign-on, high-quality video, and simple screen sharing
  • Protected, so sensitive data isn’t exposed and conversations can’t be accessed by unintended audiences

Tip #2: Help teams collaborate easily

Make it easy for team members to stay on the same page using a virtual workspace that captures all of the interactions and information about a project. Look for a collaborative workspace that:

  • Offers secure exchange of messages and files, across devices
  • Makes it easy to search the space to find conversations and documents
  • Allows you to privately message one person or create a group chat in seconds
  • Includes a digital whiteboard for easy brainstorming
  • Integrates with meetings, so you can keep the collaboration going

Tip #3 Never forget about security

Small businesses can’t afford to overlook security when setting up remote workspaces. You need to keep your information safe no matter where your employees are located. Look for security solutions that:

  • Provide secure network access, no matter what device people are using
  • Protect your sensitive data by verifying the identity of users, devices, and applications
  • Defend against threats with cloud-delivered security
  • Detect and block cyberattacks

Tip #4 Embrace Simplicity

As a small business owner, you still have a business to run, so you need simple, secure IT solutions. To reduce IT complexity, look for solutions that:

  • Integrate meetings, calling, Wi-Fi, and security, so they work together
  • Are easy to deploy by your employees without the need for onsite IT
  • Are simple to manage
  • Offer financial flexibility, with pay-as-you-need pricing options

Tip #5 Go beyond tools

With the right tools, employees can be just as productive virtually as they would in the office. But don’t forget that remote working may be new and potentially challenging for some people. To support them, consider offering:

  • Training, support, and fun activities like virtual social gatherings or “water cooler” calls
  • Home-office upgrades to improve ergonomics and Internet connections
  • Support for lunch breaks, stretching, and exercise to keep everyone physically and mentally healthy. (Don’t let people work 16-hour days just because they’re at home.)

Keeping Your Business Secure

We understand that security does not always come easy to every organization. With these small tips, you can easily get started with securing your business and facilitate collaboration and productivity amongst your organization. For all of your cybersecurity questions and needs, AlphaKOR is your business partner in technology. Comment below, or visit our Contact Page to send us a direct message.

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