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Real-Time Video Meetings and Messaging with Webex 

– What’s the difference between a patient, a student and a citizen?

– Nothing!

That could be the start of a joke, but it’s not. What they do have in common is the need to meet with remote services easily, right from their personal smartphone.

Whether we want to tele-visit with a doctor, reach a university staff to prep for campus return or to meet with a governmental helpdesk, we need real-time video meetings and messaging at our fingertips.

Let’s discuss those 3 big vertical use cases.


Healthcare Use Case

In healthcare, the rise for remote video appointments on mobile apps started long before the virus. A few years ago, one could think COVID stands for …  Cure Over VIDeo, the new promising healthcare startup from Silicon Valley. We wish COVID was just that acronym… Bad joke aside, of course, we at Cisco see a spike in this type of request with the current context.

As a patient, I want a single app to schedule doctor appointments, order medicines and check my test results. The meetings and messages with the caregivers should happen in that same app; NO additional app to download. That’s why Webex developed smart software called “SDK” to be embedded by developers into those healthcare applications or any other business application.
Similarly, the doctor needs to keep the business context during the tele-visit, i.e. see the medical records and meet with the patient on the same screen. Webex integrated inside the doctor app avoids context switching so users don’t have to cross launch a separate window or app just to collaborate.

Moreover, with Webex inside your healthcare app, we can enrich the tele-visit experience to be 10X better than an in-person visit. For example, an external interpreter can be invited to the tele-visit to help the patient better understand the caregivers’ explanations thanks to the open-standard Webex platform. Another example of enriched experience, the doctor can share X-Rays or another high-resolution medical record over the Webex spaces. And the patients can exchange precise pictures from the camera of their smartphone in the most secured way by end-to-end encryption.

Extended Care application powered by Webex

But it’s not only about the visit, but it is also about improving the hospital’s business flows and efficiency. In the staff shift management, for example, caregivers can sync with previous-shift teammates about their patients’ status, again right from their smartphones or tablets over video or messaging.


Education Use Case

Another spiking demand is coming from the Education market.

Students always strived to get easier access to resources and help. And now, the return to the campus became the top priority for staff and students. With Webex inside the campus applications or in the Learning Management Systems, students can reach faculty staff and have a real feeling of being part of the community.

A major benefit of embedding Webex into a mobile app is the increased user engagement and adoption, no matter which collaboration modality they prefer, meetings or messaging. Of course, the schools can’t guaranty the type of devices used by the millions of students, but they are all covered, Webex supports all the most popular mobile OS.

The easier and the more insightful for end-users, the more likely the app will be a success. And the more students will succeed in their college career!


Citizen Use Case

Finally, what about ALL of us? As citizens, we want to participate with our democracies, give our insights to judges,  participate public hearings with our legislatures, or even get compensation when injured at work, again all from our mobile powered by Webex.

The access to those public services can be streamlined by using Webex’s lobby and virtual queuing to ensure the government representatives don’t wait.
But governments can’t force citizens to use specific mobile apps to reach them, so public services are also accessible through their websites with Webex inside which supports most modern web browser on mobile or desktop.

And more features to come with the All New Webex.

And YOU, in which mobile app would you need embedded chat? Let us know!


This blog was originally written by Olivier Proffit for Cisco Blogs.

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