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The Webex for Inclusive Collaboration series focuses on delivering capabilities for the future of work with inclusive, effective collaboration tools

Customers Want More Than ‘Good Enough’

At Webex, we believe that our customers demand and deserve more, especially amid the crisis-based time we live in today. That’s why we take the time to ensure that any feature that’s included in Webex adds value, is secure and improves your productivity so you can get things done.


Innovation and Quality of Experience Go Hand-in-Hand

Inclusive features like Round Table Meeting templates, Immersive Sharing, Gestures Recognition, and Real-time Translations in over 100 languages are some of what separates Webex from the pack. These are not only game-changers when it comes to innovation, they are purpose-built to improve the quality of your experiences, deepen the connections in our virtual lives, and make sure everyone is included. Industry-first features like customizable Stage-views, standard in-meeting Q&A, and more tools to help you focus on content are coming soon.


Rich Video and Audio Wherever You Work

Great media quality is central to improving experiences and everyone deserves the highest quality audio and video. The adaptive media resilience in Webex preserves quality with even the most challenging network conditions and AV1 codec helps us deliver ever richer, more detailed, and vibrant video. Soon, you’ll also see features like auto-optimization for sharing, which will enable Webex to intelligently select the right resolution based on your environment. And we haven’t forgotten about the audio! Our meetings and calls should be free of disruptions — period. You know that we’ve upped the ante with our background noise removal technology. Our engineering innovators keep pushing the envelope to deliver the highest fidelity and noise-free audio-video experiences. Anyone who has experienced the noise removal that Webex is capable of has been impressed. So the next time you join a meeting and a lawnmower goes off (or if someone decides to practice their tambourine skills), worry not! We’ve also made enhancements to mute/unmute functionality, host audio controls, and automatic notifications to help remove some of the common friction points in meetings. Features like music mode also preserve your microphone’s original sound when using your computer for audio.


Always Trusted, Secure Solutions That Deliver Great Experiences

Webex has always been synonymous with secure collaboration. We have a longstanding commitment to security and privacy and have invested heavily to build security in everything we do. While many of us remain physically apart, trusted and secure experiences are more important than ever. Superior encryption end-to-end and password by default are table stakes for us. Webex also natively supports collaboration anywhere, on any device with the same consistent and secure experience. When collaboration with external users takes place, compliance and security policies like retention, eDiscovery, and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) among others are always applied regardless of the type of interaction. We do all this while also making sure you get an easy-to-use, integrated, and secure user experience.


Collaboration That Keeps Getting Smarter

Our investments in artificial intelligence (AI) powered by the Webex Assistant is another way we’ve innovated experiences. We didn’t stop at making it easy to join a meeting or managing your meetings and devices. We’ve also made sure that –with Webex AI– you get deeper levels of productivity and engagement in everything you do. Webex Assistant’s live transcription, automatic note-taking, voice-activated action items, and more makes the best team collaboration experience even better. It also provides automated closed captions, so when someone speaks captions appear above the meeting controls, like subtitles on your television. Industry-first capabilities like Message highlights and Post-meeting highlights are also now readily available to help you prioritize and focus so you can keep work moving.


More to Come

We are over-the-moon that our technology has become a mainstream platform for technology companies, enterprises, and now millions of individuals working from home. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing additional enhancements and features that we know are important to improve your experiences. We’re dedicated to delivering a regular cadence of innovation – with quality is at the core, and we’ll never compromise the quality of experience over just good-enough “tech of the moment.”   This blog was originally written by Amit Barave for Cisco Blogs.

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