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All of us eBlast our audience from time to time. Here are 3 tips to help achieve better results.

  1. The Subject Line

First impressions are everything. The subject line is your opportunity to make this first impression. Your audience reads it and decides if they will open your message or delete it.

Make your subject line short, clear message about the topic. Remember to make it interesting and to show value to the recipient.

  1. Personalize Your Message

Dear Sir/Madame is not personal. Yes you can use the same content, however, adding personal touches to your message will increase results exponentially.

The salutation should read “Dear First Name,”, “Hello First Name,” or “First Name,”.  Include the “,” and skip a line. The next line should be personalized by referencing something specifically to the person.

When sending a massive eBlast the above may not be realistic due to time. Make your message specific, short and include your personal touch.

  1. Be Genuine

Think about the person reading your e-mail. Think about how you would want to be communicated to if you were reading the message.

Be genuine and sincere. You can add a little humour, however, be careful as not everyone will understand your attempt at a joke or if you are sarcastic it may not read that way.

Always be professional, personal and real. Canned scripts and automated e-mails take away what you bring to your audience:  you!

Overall, e-mail is a very effective communication tool to reach your audience. For challenging situations it is better to pick up the phone. Most of the time there is a misunderstanding of the e-mail message and can be easily clarified with a phone call.

Happy e-mailing and keep building your audience.

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