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This week, we revisit this topic and forward to hearing what words you have banned from your vocabulary.

Here are the ones banned and strive to avoid:

1.  Busy
2.  Me (myself, I, mine)
3.  Can’t
4.  Blame
5.  Excuse

#1 and #2 are actually banned from the AlphaKORian vocabulary.

When servicing clients who require assistance immediately, the very last thing they want to hear about is how busy things are and how long they have to wait.

“I understand you need our assistance now, but we are too busy to help you at the moment and you will have to wait” is a recipe for self-destruction. (trigger points: #1 and #2 words were used).

Great teams rarely use the word “I” and always use “We” and “Us” showing our Teamwork in action.

“Yes we understand you require our assistance now and we are working to accommodate you as soon as we can.” (virtually the same answer without violating #1 and #2, showing we do care and we are doing everything we can to assist as soon as possible).

The AlphaKORians do a great job here in avoiding #1 and #2!

Why do we use the word can’t? We certainly “can” look to see if it can be done or we “can” offer an alternative. There is always an alternative to consider to keep moving in the right direction.

Playing the blame game is dangerous. It is easy to blame others and convenient for a lot of situations. Stepping up and taking ownership of the issue makes one a better person, excellent team member and a better leader.

“Yes we made a mistake and we are working to correct it. Sorry for our error and thank you for the opportunity to allow us to make it right”

Making up excuses are not allowed. Sharing facts and circumstances while explaining your responsibility provides better clarity. Making up a story as an excuse does a lot of damage and it is banned!

What banned words are on your list?

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