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Get Back to The Customer

What is a realistic time frame to return a phone call or reply to an e-mail?   Why do some choose not to get back to the customer at all?

Respond in a timely fashion, such as,  same day, within 4-business hours or by the end of the next business day.  I think if you set your rule somewhere along these lines, you will be OK.

What about getting back immediately?   Sometimes it is a rushed reply, you might miss some details or you misunderstand the message.  Guilty sometimes when in between appointments.   Slow down, understand the message and then reply or call back.

Show some Empathy

The customer wants to feel they have been heard and that you care.   Show some empathy. Let the customer know you care and you understand how they feel.  Ask them questions.   Listen to their answers and their explanation of their situation.  Tell them you understand.

It is important to let others know you genuinely care.  Be the one who makes the difference for all your customers.   Watch what happens and enjoy the results.

Speak the Same Language

Drop all the acronyms and lingo in your industry unless your customer is speaking in that language.  Most have done their homework and have a good understanding of what they want, what your product/service will entail.  Your role is to communicate effectively at the same level as your customer.

Practice by explaining your company, your industry, your products/services in such a way that a six year old can understand it.   Yes, you may feel you are in a very complicated, technical industry, but who isn’t?

After all, customer care is all about caring about the customer.   Go back and read that sentence again.  Yes, it can be that easy.

Customer Care:  Respect by getting back to everyone in a timely fashion.   Be genuine and show you care and understand.   Communicate at the same level.

Share your experiences with these tips and your tips for excellent customer care.

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