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Do You Care?

This is an important question to have the right answer to.  In many of our discussions with our team and associates, this is one of the hot topics frustrating owners and managers.  You can easily fill in the rest of the story on the client-side and they clearly know when you care or you do not care.

Customer service, customer support, and reacting to customer requests are only part of caring.  The AlphaKORians subscribe to Total Customer Experience to achieve caring for the client.   Some of the things we do;  active listening, asking more questions to understand, responding quickly, following up, showing up, being there for the customer, following up and of course I need to mention a third time how following up is the critical aspect of how much you care.

How Do You Care?

What are the things you are doing to show you care?  As a leader, you need to care about your tribe.  This includes showing them you care, listening to them, and similar action steps as listed above.   Caring is not just about onboarding new clients or taking care of your clients, it also is about caring about everyone!   Yourself, your team, your company, suppliers, community, and your family….just to name a few who you are responsible to care for.

When someone is not having a great day, stop and make time to ask them what is going on.  People will open up when you care.  You listen.  You thank them for sharing.  You ask if there is anything you can do to help.  Do not judge.  Do not offer advice unless they welcome it.  Sometimes we just need to voice our opinion and know someone is listening.

Teach Them To Care

The old adage “lead by example” is one of the best ways to do this.  When a client calls after-hours and says they are sorry to call and interrupt me, I let them know it is okay and ask how I can help.  Then I contact our after-hours team and know they are going to take care of the client.   The team keeps me updated and I follow-up with the client both after-hours and the next day.

Sharing the above story at a team meeting, thanking the team for what they do, helps to show why it is important to always care.

Show Them You Care

When discussing this topic with other leaders, it seems to circle back to being genuine and real.   These are two qualities of caring.   It is difficult to be phony and care at the same time – it just does not work nor should it be tolerated professionally or in your personal life.

When mistakes are made or expectations not understood or met, be real and say sorry we made a mistake.   Show them you care by letting them know you want to make it right and will take care of it.  Thank them for allowing you the opportunity to show you do care.  You will be surprised how much respect and loyalty you will have when you show them how much you really care about them.




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