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What are your top customer tips you find work in your everyday interaction in business?  Here are 3 to share with you.

1.  Positiveness

Always, yes always, be positive when servicing customers, prospects and anyone else you are making a connection with whether creating an opportunity or not.  People appreciate and gravitate towards positive people.

No negativity, ever.  Always be positive.   There is no value in being negative.  Even the “con’s: can be positive such as “this solution may not address your specific issue, however, it does address all these other items….”

When you bring positiveness to the conversation, it goes hand-in-hand with energy.

2.  Speak at your Audience’ Level

Be genuine and speak at the same level as your audience.   You do not have to use big and technical terms to impress others.  Actually, when you do speak that way, you make the other person feel less intelligent.

Know your audience and how well versed and technical they are on the subject matter.   It takes a professional and discipline to communicate in simple terms so everyone you communicate with can understand.   Be careful:  do not talk down either.

3.  Should I Repeat it:  Follow-up!

Great customer service includes a consistent strategy of following up.   Think about it for a moment.   How many times have you left a message for someone who did not call, e-mail or text you back?   How many times has someone told you they will get back to you and they never did?

Taking a break with this line while  you add up all those times!

It still amazes me there are very few people who actually follow-up almost all the time to the best of their ability.  Be one of those people.  It will set you apart.  You will lead the pack and the rest will wonder what your “secret” is.

Bonus Tip:  Always make the customer feel more than just OK

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