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This week’s topic was inspired by Noah Fleming’s Tuesday Tidbits.   Follow Noah and sign up for his tidbits at www.noahfleming.com

Be Genuine and Be Real

Does this sound familiar?  We hear many times how genuine and real we are.   We do care and we take pride in all we do.   This builds long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.   They key is to “stop selling” and focus on how the other person wants to be treated.  One secret most of us do not know, is we are all selling, yes, we are all selling all the time regardless of your profession and your personal goals.   Think about it for a few minutes……continue when you are ready.  This is the reason you should have “Do not Sell” on top of your Do Not Do List.

Genuineness is being considerate and actually demonstrating you care.   When you focus on “the other stuff” such as how much you can sell, you are no longer being genuine.   Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and help them as you would like to be helped.

Pay Attention to the (especially little) Details

Do you go into autopilot with “hello, how are you?”.   Take the time to ask about the other person, their family, their business and their recent success or challenge.  Reference specific details of your last communication or something that has happened in their business or industry.  Spending a little bit of time preparing for your interaction will go a long way.

Ask how their recent vacation was or something they shared with you the last time you communicated.   Pay attention to details, take notes, ask more questions to keep the conversation going.

Remember, it is the little things that make the difference in a relationship, especially the little things.  Think about your favourite person you interact with.   What do they do that sets them apart?

Be Different (Remember the Classic 3 Keys?)

I know my Building Circles followers have this etched on their wall:   follow-up, follow-up and follow-up.   It is worth repeating here because we keep hearing it all the time from clients and prospects:  “almost all the people they reach out to, DO NOT follow-up”.

Take a look at your list of tasks today.  How many do you avoid or talk yourself out of contacting?   Yes, we are all guilty for not following up.   Make it your top priority each and every day and see the results.   You will be pleasantly surprised!

This is the foundation for all successful relationships.  Start following up and watch what happens.

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