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Customer Centricity

Doing business focusing on providing positive customer experience in order to generate sales, growth and to lead is customer centricity.  This approach develops trusted long-term relationships and it builds a solid reputation.

Other approaches companies might use are profit-driven and volume of products/services making it about just the numbers.  When your approach is strictly about the numbers, you are not customer focused.


One of our core values at AlphaKOR is customer focus and the AlphaKORians do a great job!  In fact, we created the TCE approach which stands for Total Customer Experience.  This is customer focused.  We have defined our “customer” as our clientele, prospects, associates, community partners and our own team.

This drive to provide TCE is one of the factors setting our team apart as we continue to lead and grow.  Building relationships also requires you to care, to listen and to take action.  When clients schedule their business plan meetings around our team’ schedule, you know you are subscribing to a customer centric approach.

Customer Service

To provide excellent customer service is to follow-up, ask and repeat.   Customers expect us to provide excellent products, services and support.   The drive to dive deeper, increased communication and to be our customers’ technology partner discussing their business plans brings our relationships to a higher level.

We have loyal clientele supporting us since day one and actually some supporting us before AlphaKOR was even born!   Thank you to all our clients for being part of our journey and for being our partners as we keep embracing the future together.

Anticipate Needs

When you develop these strong relationships, you truly know your customer.   This provides your team the ability to anticipate needs.   We have moved to a pro-active model when providing our recommendations, not only for today but for the anticipated future growth of our clients.  This is truly customer centric.

Focus on the client, thank them, communicate often, ask questions and build relationships where ideas are welcomed to help them to achieve their business plans.

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