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Most companies will let you know they have an excellent customer service strategy. They talk about being the best at it.  This is one of those areas of a business that can be very biased and it is difficult to measure exactly where your business stands.

Qualifying each and every opportunity, from the first inquiry to the long-term client, ensuring you fully understand the scope of the request is one of the keys.   When you understand, you have a better chance of providing a solution to meet and surpass their expectations. Asking more questions leads to better customer service.

Requesting feedback on a consistent basis with all your clients is a good strategy to adopt.   It takes several questions in some discussions to uncover some of the items your client may share as a minor concern. Listen. Stop and listen to what they are saying. Responding, addressing and taking action to these items will go a long way for your strategy.

Some metrics to help gauge your customer service level include your client retention, client acquisition and referrals. If one of these metrics is stagnant or declining, it is a sign to immediately improve is your customer service strategy.

Things do not have to be perfect and you we all make errors at times. It is the communication and relationship building processes you have in place that will result in very happy clientele. Don’t forget to always offer the three golden steps in customer service:  follow-up, follow-up and follow-up.

Mix your communication with e-mail, social media while adding more phone calls and more face time whether it is in person or video conferencing. Going “back to the phones” is an interesting and proven concept that actually works in building those strong relationships which result in excellent customer service.

At AlphaKOR, we are always aiming for “Exceptional Service When You Need It Most” and the AlphaKORians are doing a great job in delivering this strategy.

What is your customer service strategy?

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