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With 2019 coming to a wrap, the AlphaKOR Academy wanted to feature 5 of the best digital marketing campaign to come out this year. All digital marketing campaigns we’re about to highlight were completed by either large advertising agencies or companies. However, that does not mean the only value to get out of this is entertainment. There are digital lessons to learn with each of these marketing campaigns and maybe one of these lessons will be the spark of inspiration you need for your next big social media push. So sit back, grab your popcorn and let’s go through 5 of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019.

1. Spotify – A Decade Wrapped 2019

The Elevator Pitch: Utilize user’s music streaming data to create the end of year summaries for (1) personal listeners and (2) the platform as a whole.


The Campaign: An integrated marketing campaign that focused on the value of strong content. The goal of the campaign was to increase brand engagement, brand trial, and levels of brand advocacy.

The Platform(s): Social Media, Email, Application, Out-of-Home, Website

The Details: Spotify annually collects the user’s streaming data to create a report on how that individual utilized the platform that year. Fields include most listened to song/artist, top genres, complete playlist, and much more. Spotify got this information to their users through email and application notifications. Once in the reports, users got the opportunity to share their listening habits to social media with just one click.

Spotify added A Decade Wrapped 2019 for this year’s campaign to signify the end of the 2010s for music. Additional to complete an analytical report for the decade, Spotify turned this information into an Out-of-Home campaign giving shout-outs to all those who have interacted with the platform throughout the period in time.

The Lesson: Sometimes the best way to show your users that you care isn’t just a follow-up with an email. Create something unique, personal, and valuable to watch your advocacy grow.

2. Reeses (Hershey) – Reese the Movie: ASMR

The Elevator Pitch: Enlist ASMRtists from YouTube with large audience bases to create a full-length feature film with Reese and ASMR.

The Campaign: An integrated marketing campaign centered on a high-quality piece of content that is relative to current trends. The goal of the campaign was to create a new point of interaction between the brand and consumers by aligning with a trend.

The Platform(s): Social Media, Television, Website

The Details: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a top-trending style of video among YouTubers. Reese took note and created a digital marketing initiative to capitalize on the reach of this style of content. They enlisted the help of top ASMRtists on the platform (including Gigi ASMR & Matty Tingles) to create a full feature film with the Reese Product as the main attraction. This production-quality piece of content was utilized in a cross-platform integrated campaign. By aligning the brand with ASMR, Reese was able to secure high levels of earned media from an interest in both the ASMR and non-ASMR community alike.

The Lesson: Brands need to pay attention to what is trending on the internet. Why? The brand that acts first gets the best return and it gives options when trying to stay relevant; just make sure it is an execution that can align with the brand without reaching. ASMR worked for Reese because eating is a popular form of ASMR.

3. Adobe x Pantone – Glowing, Glowing, Gone

The Elevator Pitch: Create three free to use coral-inspired Pantone colours for Adobe users to inspire environmental action.

The Campaign: A digital marketing campaign that promotes environmental awareness instead of the brand itself. The goal of the campaign was to align the consumer’s outlook of the brand(s) with ethics, selflessness, and thought leadership.

The Platform(s): Social Media, Website, Digital Streaming

The Details: Inspired by the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, Adobe, and Pantone utilized their brands to do their part in the global devastation of coral reefs. Chasing Coral highlights to viewers that rising ocean temperatures causes coral to change colours; a change due to chemicals being released as a final effort to protect itself from the heat. Adobe and Pantone took this sad reality and created the three official colours of this phenomenon. The brands asked their users to create art pieces, hold events, and design products with these three colours to spread awareness of the coral crisis. Glowing, Glowing, Gone is now a rallying cry for coral conservation and the brands effectively portrayed their values to increase advocacy.

The Lesson: Marketing isn’t always about yourself and your brand. Showing compassion, effort, and real community involvement will go a long way in ensuring your brand’s longevity. Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they believe in and truly assimilate with.

4. KFC – The Bitcoin Bucket

The Elevator Pitch: Allow customers to purchase KFC chicken products online with Bitcoin and incorporate a real-time Bitcoin value tracker.


The Campaign: A digital marketing campaign that gives additional consumer value at the point of conversion. The goal of the campaign was to increase eCommerce conversions and increase awareness of the brand’s online purchase capabilities.

The Platform(s): Social Media, Website

The Details: With just a $15,000 campaign budget, KFC was able to generate 6.6 Billion impressions and increase YUM! Foods stock price. How? Offer KFC buckets for sale by bitcoin at the height of cryptocurrency coverage. The website featured a live graphic giving exact value conversion for the KFC Bucket in Bitcoin and paid social media executions to complement the offering. This resulted in a downpour of earned media from the other companies and online users alike.

The Lesson: When completing an eCommerce driven digital marketing campaign it is important to offer value beyond the product itself. Everyone is trying to sell something, give customers a unique experience when purchasing yours.

5. The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation – Heal, Love, Bond

The Elevator Pitch: Implement a complete brand overhaul that properly represents The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Campaign: A complete integrated marketing overhaul to create an updated brand presentation. The goal of the new corporate identity was to recover market share lost from competitors.

The Platform(s): Social Media, Website, Email, Print, Out-of-Home

The Details: TMCHF stated with understanding what core values are most important. The three they settled on heal, love, and bond. This inspired the logo design of a band-aid (heal), heart (love), and bond (person) all together into one. Once the logo was designed as the face of the business, the design-led to inspiration for a new website, print work, social media, email, and everything else. A complete brand redesign that has gone over with awareness and engagement success. This has set up the foundation for the perfect opportunity to maximize donations.

The Lesson: A revamp of your corporate identity is one of the scariest tasks a business can undergo. This logo redesign follows Sagi Haviv’s 3 rules of good logo design.

  • Appropriate – It represents what the nonprofit stands for.
  • Memorable – It is distinct enough to remember.
  • Simple – It can be drawn at any size.

What are your standout digital marketing campaigns for 2019? Leave them in a comment below!

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