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Aspects of your business that benefit from social media.

Blasting out messages to your social media audience has its place, but there is so much more that you can do!  It is critical that you take the opportunity to engage with your online community.  This means going out of your way to comment on other business pages, “liking” other people’s photos and statuses, and retweeting whenever it makes sense for your business.  Doing so will benefit your business in many ways besides the traditional sense of “marketing”.


Social media benefits your Human Resources department in two ways:

When you have a community of fans and supporters and you’re looking to hire, your community will happily share your information with any qualified candidate they know.

When you promote your company’s awesomely dynamic culture, top candidates that are in demand at multiple firms will choose YOU as their employer.


Whether you your company serves Business to Business or Business to Consumer, those that make up your customer base are ultimately just people – likely people in your community or in your own personal social circles.  Having a strong and defined position within the eyes of the public will greatly assist in your ability to create opportunities and close sales.  If they influencers in a firm as well as the decision makers in a firm believe you are a “good firm to deal with” – you will close more deals even if they’ve never done business with you in the past.


Remember the snotty teenagers that were all over Facebook when it first came out? They are now in their late 20s and early 30s – and are the buyers and decision makers at the homes and firms you are trying to work with.  Start now to solidify your brand’s position in the minds of your future customers.

Brandy Vaillancourt

Marketing Director

AlphaKOR Group Inc


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