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Award-winning website design and development at affordable prices.

By now, as a company or an individual, you understand the value of your online presence, and you have likely invested in your website a few times over. So now, the question is, how do I know when it’s time to redesign? Once you have completed the redesign information, contact AlphaKOR and your Corporate Rep will review your information to build a scope of designing a website for you.

AlphaKOR’s web design and development team will review your current site, and provide recommendations to ensure your web presence is developed using current technology and communicates your brand as it is today. Oftentimes, a full redesign isn’t required in order to keep up with the changing website viewing standards.


We develop your web presence for success. Period. This means reviewing your design, development, metadata, content, and search engine profiles to ensure your re-launch is a success. We test the development of operating systems, device source, and accessibility.


Once your new site is live, AlphaKOR will remain committed to your online success. You are welcome to sit down with your corporate consultant to discuss your analytics reports and understand how we can help you better position your business online.

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