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The amount of websites on the internet is growing at a staggering rate every year.

In January of 2018, the number of websites grew to 1.8 billion. Compared to January 2016 at 900 million, that is a large increase, and the numbers just keep climbing.

With ⅔ of those websites being parked domains, that still leaves 600 million active websites to compete against. With website numbers climbing yearly it is becoming increasingly difficult to have your website stand out organically.

So how do you get an edge in your industry? One way is to invest in a professional web design firm. When you hire a professional, you are bringing someone with years of tried and tested experience onto your team.

Professionals have a process for their build. Although not all of them are the same, they follow a basic guideline built around strategy, marketing, and software knowledge. Using industry-leading statistics and site analytics it is proof that their methods work.


Every new website begins with a strategy. By asking targeted questions about your companies industry, your brand, and your goals the marketers will develop a website that is audience targeted, reflects your core values, and performs the way you need it to. Knowing the value you want your customers to receive upon viewing your website is crucial to its functionality.


Once the designer knows your companies goals for the website they can begin to gather content. A website structure will be created with a well-designed page framework to guide your viewers seamlessly through your site. Your designer will assure that your website has the visual strategies to peak your customer’s interest so that they dive into your site and increase goal performance.


When your website has the look and feels you are after the next step is to put it on the internet. This is the build process and if you hire a professional they have tips and tricks to make this step smooth and hassle-free.

One advantage is that they will build your website on a development site first. This assures that your brand image is not diminished by a website that is sub-par. This is also beneficial when you are redesigning an old website, it’ll remain live until the new site is ready for launch.

A professional web designer will build your site using performance optimization for fast and mobile-friendly access, they know which plugins to use to enhance your site and which ones will hinder it and how to custom code when it is needed.


Your site is on the web and it looks great, but before you launch it you have to be positive that everything is working as it should be. Professional web design firms will test the different elements of your website like forms, plugins, galleries, and custom software over multiple browsers and devices.


Everything is running smoothly, all the tests came back positive. It is time to launch your website. A professional can easily launch your website and resolve any problems or perform last-minute tweaks.


Once your website is live, a professional designer will have installed analytic programs and trackers to monitor the activity of your site. The numbers pulled from your site can show you information like demographics, keywords, and search queries used to find your site.

With this information you can optimize your website for search engines, pushing organic traffic to your site. You can also invest in search engine optimization, which is a large undertaking, but a worthwhile investment.

This process is the key to successful website builds. It takes effort both from the investor and the designer, but if implemented correctly your viewers will find your website invaluable. When you invest in a reputable web design firm you invest in your business. There are a billion generic websites on the internet, a professional can help your site stand out like a sore thumb. Is that not worth your time and money?

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