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Enjoy your holidays!  Here’s to wishing everyone some time to unwind, unplug and enjoy some leisure time. This is the time to spend with family, friends and with those you care the most about.

We spent Christmas Eve together as a family. This year, my brother Rick hosted the Abbruzzese’ and only one nephew could not make it. It was a great family time where we ate, chatted, laughed and played some games. Then we ate a little bit more of course!

On Christmas day, we headed over to the in-laws. You guessed it, we do it all over again! It was a bit of a challenge to eat two huge meals back to back and somehow we just seem to manage. So glad I have been going to the gym and playing hockey to help not feel too guilty about eating a bit more.

Have a very Happy New Year and enjoy the moment. Be responsible and take care of your loved ones to ensure everyone has a good time and everyone gets home safe.

All the Best in 2016!

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