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It is a very exciting day at AlphaKOR:  20 years ago on February 25th 1995, AlphaKOR started servicing its’ clients.

Hats off to the Partners:  Ali Jaber, Mazen Jaber and Shawn O’Rourke who do so much behind the scenes and together we have built a very dynamic Team. It’s fun and exciting to go out and be the face and voice of AlphaKOR.

The Partners:

Thanks to the AlphaKORians for all their dedication and commitment. This Team works endlessly all hours of the night, weekends and holidays to ensure our clients’ technologies are working. We cannot thank you enough.

To all our family, friends, associates and our clientele who have made AlphaKOR what we are today. It is an honour to service so many and to be your Technology Partner.

Some fun facts about AlphaKOR you may not know:

  1. AlphaKOR name actually goes back to 1993 when Ali called his BBS AlphaKOR.
  2. Ali and Mazen started the company as AlphaKOR Computers on February 25, 1995.
  3. First location was 1949 Ottawa Street in a 600 square foot retail store from February 1995 to July 1996.
  4. Shawn O’Rourke joins as Partner and Technical Manager in February 1996.
  5. Yours truly joins as a Corporate Account Rep in March 1996 after six weeks of retiring from the industry.
  6. Second location was 5957 Wyandotte Street East in a 2300 square foot office. July 1996 to October 2008.
  7. January 1997 company named AlphaKOR Computers Inc. Ali is Director of Design, Mazen is Controller, Shawn is Director of Technical and yours truly becomes a Partner and President.
  8. Ali Jaber on the cover of Biz X Magazine as the Region’s Top Technician as part of “Who are the most Talented Top Ten”, July/August Summer 2003 Edition.
  9. Name changes to AlphaKOR Group Inc in 2005 and “The AlphaKOR Kid” is introduced as part of the tenth anniversary marketing strategy.
  10. Third location at 1670 Mercer Street in a 5500 square foot facility. October 2008 to Present.
  11. Charter member and one of the 6 co-founders of WEtech Alliance Network, April 2008.
  12. Co-founder of the Windsor Essex Circle.
  13. Mazen Jaber adds Director of Operations to his role as Controller, February 2012.
  14. Hat-trick of Chamber Business Excellence Awards: 2009 Service Company of the Year, 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year and 2014 Mid-size Company of the Year.  Thank you to the Chamber and to the Business Community for this amazing support.
  15. October 2014 acquired CCD. Thanks to the CCD family of employees (Tim, Roman, Rob, Ramsey) and thanks to the CCD clientele for embracing AlphaKOR.

One of the most overwhelming moments for yours truly.  Thrilled and honoured as we are awarded the Mid-Size Company award:

My personal favourite moment to cherish it with my Parents, Partners, family and friends as Entrepreneur of the Year:

The Future

New fourth location currently being renovated at 7800 Twin Oaks, 12000 square foot campus on 2 acres.   Target move-in date is May 2015.

AlphaKOR will continue to strive for excellence and deliver exceptional service when you need it most.  We look forward to a very bright future and we are very grateful for everyone who has been part of our journey.

Happy 20th AlphaKORians!

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