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My “clean-streak” is over.  When someone asks “Have you ever been arrested?” now my answer is yes.

It started as a typical monthly team discussion on Friday morning where we gather to share information as a group…..when we were interrupted by a superhero announcing a bunch of charges for my arrest.

I was surprised!  OK I do admit, I was not very happy about it at the time.  The good news is since it was so early, I was able to resume the monthly team discussion and on good faith was told to drive over to the jail cell and turn myself in.  The AlphaKORians had a good laugh as we attempted to resume the discussion.

Once the day started to unfold and I headed over to the Jailhouse (aka Devonshire Mall), I was embracing the idea and decided to make the best of it.   I had cancelled all my meetings.   I missed one in my calendar who arrived to find out my demise.   They pledged $40 for the cause!

I was the first one to arrive and was offered coffee and muffins.   Hmmmm I was thinking, butter me up and then pay for it at the trial.   The judge, Kenny, came over to chat.   We shared our stories and found out he was a retired police officer involved with the Crime Stoppers for a number of years.

The trial.  There was the Prosecutor whose opening remarks were all shot down by the Judge.   He felt no pity for me being a hard working family man with two teenage daughters.   My Defense Attorney demanded a different client since I am a Habs fan and she is a Leafs fan.   Needless to say this was not off to a good start.

The Judge, it turns out, was also a Leafs fan.  He asked an interesting question:  “I have one last question.   Frank, now be very careful how you answer.   Who is your favourite team?”.

My response “LaSalle Stompers 2000 Girls Soccer Team”.


Judge Kenny replied “Well you certainly are a shifty one” and he set my fine at $550 which 50 higher just for that answer!

My other charges included having an “iron-clad fist” because I am such a nice guy, talking about the Internet like it is a person and building my own internet out of Lego bricks.  I know what you are thinking and let’s give them credit for being creative and keeping it light.

In the cell, it was time to get the word out by using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Some pictures were posted and a few cries for help/support went out.  I had some support to bail me out and some chose to throw the book at me.

I even had some visitors!   Carmela, Haley, Brandy and Mazen stopped by to laugh at me and try to give me some support.  They did support me and want to thank them for that.

After 2.5 hours, I had raised over $600 and it was time to head for lunch and get on with the rest of the day.

I want to thank the Crime Stoppers for organizing such an event to give one an experience you would least expect.  I want to thank everyone who donated to bail me out or to throw the book at me.

It was all in fun and makes for a good story when you tell people “Did you ever hear the story when I got arrested?”

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