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I am looking forward to tonight’s 26th Chamber Business Excellence Awards gala as we celebrate excellence in business! 

How often do you take the time to note the things your company and your team are doing well? Take some time out to reflect on those little things that set you apart.

This annual event recognizes businesses in our community doing some amazing things in their businesses, in their industries, in our community and in the world making a difference.

The thrilling part of the night is watching the videos of the three finalists per category. Building up to the announcement of who will receive the excellence award! It can be very emotional for all as the other two finalists watch as the recipient takes the stage.

Some recipients are all business, some are overcome with emotions and joy while others bring a bit of both business and emotions. Yes it is OK to get misty-eyed and even cry, you deserve it!

Having been on all sides of the fence over the years, I can feel all the emotions in the room. Years ago, we were known as the “Susan Lucci” company. We were a finalist a couple of times, we received three excellence awards and I was a judge in the past. I have seen and felt many emotions during this great event. It truly is an “academy awards” level gala and everyone is all dressed up.

I should note here, even as a judge, I still did not know who would be chosen. Some hunches were correct while others were not. It has also been exciting to nominate companies and professionals over the years and I encourage you to consider doing this. You can make a difference when you see some become finalists and some receive the excellence award in their category.

If you ever have that opportunity to be a judge, I personally recommend it. You get to read some truly incredible stories. Even if you think you may know someone and their business, once you hear their story you will be moved by what our local business community is doing. (WERocks!)

Being nominated and being a finalist can change your business in such a positive way. Receiving an excellence award adds to all this good stuff, however, this is not the focus because there are no “winners” or “losers”. Remember only the few become finalists and it is a time to celebrate your excellence in business.

My advice to anyone who has had the honour to be nominated is to open up, be vulnerable and do that one thing we are taught not to do: share the good things about you, your team and your company. Remember, you are judged by your story, so tell it well and tell it truthfully without holding back.

It is always easy to focus on the negativity, the challenges and the things that frustrate us. This celebration of excellence reminds us to focus on the good stuff and all the great people who have a passion in building their companies and their dreams.

Tonight we look forward to cheering on all the finalists and award recipients representing excellence in our business community. Congratulations to all!

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