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Are you challenging yourself?   Are you stuck in the same routine and just going through the motions?

The answer is to challenge yourself!

Last weekend was my first time participating in the Heartbreaker Challenge and it was a lot of fun with some great teammates.   It all started by someone asking at the gym if I was going to participate and my response was probably not.   She went on to encourage me and said to come out, have fun, support the gym and take the challenge.   So I did.  Thanks Sarah!

The challenge was to be vulnerable, get dirty and push yourself to trudge through it (lots of mud).  After a while, the thought of cold water and mud became somewhat acceptable.   I’m joking now to say whenever it rains, I want to go out and play in the mud like when we were kids.

I had all the excuses:   my knee is still not fully recovered, my back is sore and just did not know what or why I signed up for it.   Pushed that all aside, showed up early, mingled with friends and met many new people.  It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and so glad I challenged myself to “just do it”.

There were 17 obstacles and some were difficult so we embraced them and did not skip any.   Take a look at your obstacles you face every day, take them head on, deal with them and keep moving.

Go out and challenge yourself both professionally and personally.  You may get knocked down, a little muddy and you just may enjoy conquering those obstacles having some fun along the way.

Here are some of the IronCore Team members

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