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The Windsor Spitfires just fell short in Game 7 vs. the London Knights.   Looking forward to seeing them hosting the Memorial Cup in May.

What is your Game 7?   How do you prepare?  Do you change your game plan?

In business, a Game 7 might be a competitive bid, narrowed down to two companies asked to make a presentation outlining their solution.   Now it’s down to just you and the other guys.

How do you prepare?   Think about the Qualification Stage.   What questions did you ask?   What questions did the prospect/client ask?   Did you miss something?   Review your proposal preparation, review the request and review your proposal.   Did you need to change anything or has something changed since you prepared your proposal?   Sometimes it’s weeks or months from the proposal to the presentation.   Maybe something has changed and you may have to make adjustments to the solution.

What do you focus on?   In hockey, when the other team has the puck and you put your head down to focus on wanting the puck, you will more than likely not get the puck.   In business, if you focus on price as the main priority, everyone loses.   Price is actually the fifth priority item to focus on.  Focus on quality, your service, expertise, post-implementation support and then on price.

Who do you bring in to present your proposal?   Some will stick to the same team all the way through while others will bring in other members.   Ask who will be at the presentation, level of expertise and the criteria for making the decision.   This will help adjust your game plan strategy and who to bring to the presentation.

Prepare.   I know it takes time and you know your material, your solution and you are confident.   Why do sport teams practice?  They do drills, scrimmages, training and of course have their routines before a game.   Some of the hockey players started at three years old! So if they invest so much time practicing before every game, then we aren’t you?

When you win a Game 7, learn what set your team apart and why you won it.   When you lose a Game 7, find out why.   Learn what you can do different next time to win and get back in there on their next opportunity.

Interesting statement made by the commentator during the Spits Game 7:  “The Coach will decide if he’ll give the Spits a few days off or get right to preparing for the Memorial Cup.”

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