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Wishing everyone a very Happy Canada Day!

Spending the day with the Family at home as AlphaKOR is closed, except for the after-hours support team. AlphaKOR never stops servicing our clients.

The goal is to have an “unplugged” day with the Family to spend quality time together instead of being distracted by our smart phones and tablets. This will be a tough task for all of us to embrace – already felt the resistance yesterday.

It is a time to relax as a Family and also a time to find some alone time.  Taking these moments to reflect together and to reflect alone how great Canada is. Most of us never seem to take the time to really appreciate what is around us and how fortunate we are.

We live in peace, not in fear. We can have just about anything we want thanks to Canada being such a great company. Find the time today and see what you are thankful for. Thanks to so many fellow Canadians for all your great support, friendship, mentorship and advice.

Of course yours truly will reflect on business for a bit. Part of the Leadership responsibility and thinking as we enter our new fiscal year is:  envision, create opportunities and continue to build our audience.

Proud to be Canadian!

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