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How Many Women Are On Your Team?

We are proud to share since day one AlphaKOR has supported diversity and equal gender opportunity on our team.   The AlphaKORians’ have 25% females on our Team.  How do we encourage more women in tech and in business?

There are many women in my life, both personal and professional.  Thanks to all of them, especially Carmela, Haley, Syd, my mom and so many others!  Thank you for being part of my journey.

Build A Dream Video

I have been blessed to be involved in so many great causes, especially for supporting women.  Just last month, I had the honour to be in a video with my daughter, Haley, for Build A Dream called “Better For Balance”.  The parent/daughter messages were about encouraging young females to aspire to pursue any career of their choosing.

Build A Dream is lead by a passionate and inspiring role-model, Nour Hachem-Fawaz.  As part of my role on Nour’ board, it is incredible to see how much she dedicates her time to reaching out to young females in communities in Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond!

Nour has this to say about Women in Tech and Business:

“A better-balanced workforce just makes sense.  Hiring from a variety of backgrounds results in greater productivity, increased innovation, and leads to improved employee retention and recruitment.  Companies interested in a better bottom line should be looking to create a diverse workforce”.  Nour Hachem-Fawaz, President & CEO, Build A Dream.

Here is a link to the Build A Dream video “Balance For Better”

WEST Of Windsor Gala

March 8th was International Women’s Day and West of Windsor has an annual gala to celebrate.  I had the pleasure of attending this event with Haley and my wife, Carmela.    Women are recognized for their leadership, their contributions and their volunteering.

Taking time to thank those who make a difference and are leaders is important.  Supporting these events and these ladies is also important to achieve balance for better, which was this year’s theme at the gala.

WEtech Alliance

WEtech Alliance is an organization lead by a woman who loves innovation and our community.  AlphaKOR is proud to be a founding member of this organization and with Yvonne Pilon’ leadership, WEtech Alliance has reached out and helped many entrepreneurs and established businesses grow!

Yvonne has this to say about Women in Tech and Business:

“A more diverse and inclusive tech community has so many benefits to Canada’s tech future including: access to more talent, products built for everyone, better work-life integration, safe, inclusive work environments, and more innovation and a growing, thriving companies. With this lens, Canadian (and local) tech will win on the world stage.”  Yvonne Pilon, President and CEO, WEtech Alliance.

Ladies Learning Code:  JavaScript

On Saturday, March 23rd, Geethu, Jinal and Tauseef volunteered as mentors for our local Canada Learning Code event in Windsor!

AlphaKOR has female developers on our team!   We thank Geethu and Jinal for being role models to the females who attended the workshop.   Thanks for being leaders in our community.  Special thanks goes to Tauseef for his volunteering and leadership in our Design Department.

Thank You!

Thank you to all these women who lead, inspire, support and are making a difference to women in tech and women in business.

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