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What do top producers believe in?

They feel they can ask their prospect any question.   Do you share this same feeling?   Are any topics or questions off the table or not appropriate?   Being open and candid with prospects is a good approach.   Knowing when to press and when not to press on a topic is something top producers usually get right.

When meeting prospects for the first time, the answer is asking them questions and to keep asking questions.   This is the best way to get to know them.   Talking about yourself, your company, products and services should be kept to a minimal.   Remember, it is all about them and not about you.   Try it and let us know your results.

Top producers know there will always be someone else to build a relationship with.   Do you have an extremely high close ratio?   Did you know most top producers receive more no’s!   That’s correct.   The reason is they are out there communicating with many prospects and not just sitting back waiting for the lukewarm contacts to reach out to them.

Take the initiative and proactively reach out to more prospects daily and ask questions.  It actually works!   I relate it to fishing.   The bucket does not fill itself.   You have to cast your line many times (well most of us anyways) before catching fish to put in your bucket of cold water.   Ask more prospects more questions.

The third belief top producers possess is to earn respect as an expert.  We are all professionals and you have to earn your respect.  When you are selling at events and social settings, your prospects will turn you off.   Build the relationship first, then sell once you have earned this respect.

All of us are selling all the time.   Those who make a profession in the area of sales, consulting, account manager and so forth are the ones who have to work a bit harder to earn respect.   Once you have earned the respect of prospects and your clients, you can build stronger relationships, ask any question and ask for the business.

Which beliefs do you possess from above and which others?

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