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Here are 3 questions to ask yourself on a daily basis.

1. What should I be doing differently?

If we want to keep growing, be more successful, then doing the same thing is not the answer.   What is your answer to what you should be doing differently?   I learned how to let go, delegate and re-prioritize tasks over the years.   This has helped us achieve growth and continued success.

After 30 years in my career, I get up every day and challenge myself on what I can do differently while doing the things that work.   Coaching, mentoring and learning from those around you bring a good balance of experience and being open to new ideas.  Keep your mind open to doing things differently when the results are better!

2. How am I doing?

Ask everyone around you how you are doing.  Some will sugar coat their answers, some will hide the truth while others will be blunt and even hurtful.   Take all the feedback with a grain or two of salt.   If those around you can say it out loud, others are thinking and feeling the same way.

We have heard the expression “there are three sides to every story”.  For this feedback, the same principle applies.   Keep in mind others perception is reality.   Ponder that for a moment…….reality might not always be what  you think.

3. What’s my value proposition?

All of us are unique, special, important and bring value.   Ask yourself what your value proposition is.   What value do you bring to your every day life, to your family, friends, associates, your company and your clients.

Know what people rely on you for and where you make a difference.   My value proposition is genuineness, caring and looking out for the best interest of everyone.   This applies both in my personal life and profession.   To lead the AlphaKORians and to be the Technology Partner of choice, these qualities are the foundation on building our hard-working team’ value proposition.


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