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Recently read an article and jotted down these 7 things successful people do quietly. How many of these are you doing?

1. Network – OK so some of us do not do this very quietly. People like us love to network and meet new people on a regular basis to grow our Circle.

2. Start New Projects – Interesting to note there are many good ideas and only a few materialize to actual projects. Enjoy being instrumental in new projects and like the sense of accomplishments when successfully complete a project.

3. Deal with Challenges – This is a good! How many challenges do we deal with on a daily basis and how many do we simply ignore or avoid? It is easier to deal with each challenge sooner than later. Remember to “Eat That Frog First”

4. Incubate Ideas – Ideas are abundant. Quietly think about great ideas and then convert them into action.

5. Interact Socially – Very important to be able to network in a business environment and to know how to interact in a social environment. It is amazing how many new people and new opportunities arise on a daily basis by interacting socially. Try it!

6. Manage Employees Ethically – Part of our Core Values and part of who we are: to be ethical in all we do all the time.

7. Invest – Interpreted this to mean invest in ourselves and in others as in quality time, mentor, increase our knowledge and the like. Investing by giving back is a great way to lead successfully.

What are you quietly doing to be successful?

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