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Are you making a difference?  Do you inspire others to make a difference or are you inspired by others who make a difference? (you may have to read that last line again).

Bringing your passion and positive energy to everything and everyone you interact with makes an impact.  I enjoy watching people turn everything into a positive light and see how they make the best of any given situation.

On the business side, it is enjoyable to truly partner with clients to move their companies forward in a more efficient and profitable way by embracing technology.  Technology is the investment successful businesses make for continued growth.   Technology for these organizations is not seen as an expense or overhead.   Being their Technology Partner builds strong relationships that make a difference.

As a professional, connecting individuals and creating opportunities for these individuals has a huge impact in making a difference.  It is such a joy watching a new person join a discussion and seeing them as part of your  Circle.  Mentoring young and not so young entrepreneurs and professionals to help them grow, learn and achieve their goals and dreams is a thrilling experience.

Making a positive difference for everyone I interact with is one of my personal goals.  Thanks to my mentors and those who make a positive impact on my journey.

What are you doing to make a difference?

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