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Watching the Olympics makes me wonder if all of us are performing at our best on a consistent basis.   It is a good question to ask yourself daily:   Are you performing each and every day at your best?

It is too easy to make excuses and “cop-out” by not doing your best.   Yes my alarm clock sometimes awakens me and yes some mornings I do not feel like getting out of bed and going to the gym.   I mentally kick my own butt, get out of bed and head to the club for a good workout.   You guessed it!   I always, always feel better after and glad I did.

So how do you “kick yourself in the butt” to always perform your best?   What motivates you?   What ideas and things do you do that work for you?

Watching the athletes perform, their best could be a matter of 100th’s of a second over the next best person.  Good lesson to learn here.   You do not have to be extraordinary better than your competition, you just have to be better.   Deliver your best and that is the edge that sets you apart from the rest.

Remember you are not completely alone.   Look around you, at your team, your family, your friends and associates that play a role in shaping who you are.   They are your “coaches” and encourage you to keep at it (practice, practice, practice).   Just listen to the ones who are positive and encourage you.   We know what to do with the others.

Here’s the challenge I have for you:   First thing every morning, get up and be positive, embrace your day and decide you are going to perform your best.   Next, sit down, and list  the top three things you are going to accomplish today.   Execute those three things and do not let anything else, within reason, stop you from hitting your goals.

Keep sending your ideas and feedback to [email protected] and I look forward to hearing from you.

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