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We revisit this topic which falls in line with one of my favourite things about being an Entrepreneur which means to be vulnerable.  Are you the Brave One to be an Entrepreneur?

Here are the 5 traits to be a Brave One:

1. Tension

We need to have some tension about something that matters to us.  Be unreasonable in your desire to own it.  Channel this tension to be a Brave One and make it happen.  Make changes that make a difference.

2. Obsession

The Brave Ones have a desire to achieve a specific goal or outcome.  Being obsessed until we hit our goal or outcome. Never give up.  Do not let the “nay-sayers” stop you or take you off your path until you are successful.

3. Connection

Make the connection between people and your work that matters.  Communicate this connection, over and over again until the message is clear.  It takes time for people to get your meaning crystal clear.  Make the connection.

4. Direction

Even if you are not sure how to make this change, stay the path and ask for others to follow you.  Give the direction you are going to achieve the end result.

5. Compassion

Your heart has to be in it.  You need to care and you need to show everyone you care.  You really need to care a lot.  Be compassionate.  Bring your idea that is in your heart to make a world of difference.

Are you one of the Brave Ones?

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