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It has been over a month since I was at the Club (that’s what we call it at Ironcore Kettlebell) and I made my return this week!   Happy to share I made it two days in a row and the goal is to get back at it again at least four days a week.   Halfway there.

During the time off from the Club, I was taking care of an injury, with some therapy, lots of stretching and the toughest part, trying to figure out how to stay off my feet?   Yes, that last part was not too easily achieved.  While working from home more often during this month, you do not have to miss a beat.

At first, I was getting up about the same time in the morning and then I was getting up later and a bit later.   Every Monday I was ready to go back to the Club and would shut off the alarm, talk myself out of it and sleep in a bit longer (5:45 am and some mornings 6:00 am).

I just was not as motivated as my usual self to dive into the day, review the task list, add to the task list and get on with the day.  I found it surprising to fall into this “routine” and so not like me.   Don’t get me wrong, the tasks were still being taken care of as always.

What I realized was, my energy level had dropped.   So I adjusted by getting up a bit earlier, doing more stretching and exercising at home.   It helped a bit but still not where I wanted to be.

Last weekend I made the decision to bear and grin it, go to the Club and give it my best, pain and all.   The results don’t lie.  Today my energy level was where I wanted it to be.   Being back at the Club makes a world of difference.   It’s only 30-minutes and has a positive effect all day.   Working out at home just does not seem to cut it.

The task lists are all updated, everything is on track and ready for the morning and ready for what the day brings!   Being back at the Club and being back to the routine allows me to be more focused and a happier person.

What is your “Back to the Club” story?

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