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Do you notice most successful people are also the polite ones?

These are the people who step forward at a networking event to greet the newcomer, make them feel welcomed and introduce them to others.  They excuse themselves from their current conversation to focus on the person entering the room who seems to be a bit uncertain.

When conversing with a polite person, they tend to listen a whole lot more.  You walk away feeling very good about a great discussion and then you realize you do not know much about this person.  Letting the other person talk is a very polite way of making a good long-term relationship.

Polite people bring up the tough conversations that no one else seems to want to touch. They do this in such a way that is non-threatening, yet bring the difficult situation into light, deal with in a very nice way so everyone feels better it was addressed.

They do not insist on their opinion and may offer it as a suggestion to consider.  This leads to a very interactive and creative discussion.

Polite people never stop being polite.  That is just who they are.  We all know people like this and we welcome them in our circles.

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