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How do you build relationships?

It sounds easy to build relationships.  We are doing this all the time in virtually everything we do.  These relationships are casual and they come and go over time.  Relationships like this happen with friends, groups you belong to and in business.

How do you build good relationships?

Some of us can build good relationships.   In business, these relationships build loyal customers who support us on an ongoing basis.  We value these relationships.  The  majority of people are complacent with these types of relationships . Good relationships are more formal and they also come and go over time.

How do you build trusting relationships?

It’s the trusting relationships that really set you apart from the rest.  These relationships support us virtually all the time, spread our messages on a regular basis and introduce us to others to develop more trusting relationships.

To build the foundation for a trusting relationship, one must always be open, honest and genuine.  These key elements build the trust component in the relationship.  Yes they also need to like you as an individual and what you stand for.  Your core values play a major role in the long-term component of a trusting relationship.

So how do you deliver all this?

Take a close look at what you are saying, what you are standing up for and what your actions show.  Ask yourself what message does this send out?  Are all these elements supporting the trust factor?

Building trusting relationships last a life-time, whether in business or personal.  Our team enjoys working towards the goal of adding trusting relationships every day.  The core values are held high to deliver this trust.

How are you building your trusting relationships?

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