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Why Do We Need Good Daily Habits?

Having a good routine, being disciplined to focus on your responsibilities and your goals will help you achieve good things daily.

Prioritizing Tasks

Always a challenge!   This is due to the fact every task feels like a top priority. Follow a simple rule:  FIFO which means First In, First Out.  With the exception of adding a certain new task you feel is a higher priority, add it as the next task or near the top of the list. Make this the exception to the FIFO rule.  If you fall into the trap of LIFO (Last In, First Out) each task goes to the top and nothing gets completed.

Follow Through

I am not going to say follow-up three times as the key here!  If you commit to following up, then you need to ensure this is at the top of the list.  How many times do we hear “still have not heard from them”.  Consistently following up on all your promises is an excellent daily habit and will set you apart from the many who do not.

Be Pro-Active

What activities in both your professional and personal life can you be pro-active in?  Sure most mornings when it is bitterly cold out it is easier to work in the home office instead of going out to the gym to workout.  You know the end result here.  Always glad the choice was made to go out instead of procrastinating.  This is my version of “Just Do It”.  This is the reason why you give things to “busy” people and know it will be completed.

Expand Your Knowledge

Be open to learning each and every day.  Some good daily habits are to ask more questions, listen attentively, watch podcasts, read blogs and read books. You do not have to know a lot of trivial things, however, you should be somewhat aware of newsworthy events so you can be part of daily conversation.  Adding what you learned as it applies to the topic helps move the dialogue forward.


This is the most challenging of all.  Balance work, personal and leisure time.  Create a good balance so you can feel refreshed and even rejuvenated every day. OK some days the scale tips to the professional hat especially when it is so easy to work from anywhere.  Make the time for yourself, your family and your friends to bring a daily balance to your life.

What are your Daily Habits?

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